View pdf files in Firefox (Mac OS X)

Since the release of Firefox 4.0 I had not been able to view pdf files in Firefox (without a need for downloading the pdf file and opening it with a out-of-browser reader). I could finally solve my problem using the instructions given here. Very handy indeed.

Laptop malfunction/failure rate studied

Ever wondered why laptops are not lasting these days as much as they used to? There is a study for that. Square Trade has taken the hardship of an extended survey into failure/malfunction rate of laptops and netbooks and has come up with an interesting report. The report suggests that as much as about 30% of laptops kinda fail/malfunction during first three years after their purchase. What more? some brands (Asus, Toshiba, Sony) are more reliable than others. Moreover, the more you pay, the less the trouble that you would have with your laptop (Premium laptops fails less frequently than mainstream laptops and mainstream laptops fail less than netbooks).  Wanna read the report in full? Here you can find it.

Disclaimer: Open cheese does not endorse or support the methodology, results, conclusions or any other part of the report. The general disclaimer of the website as well as other standard disclaimers apply as well.

Have your mouse clicks stopped working?

In case your mouse click have stopped working (not very unsual in Ubuntu), you can try to use the workarounds suggested here.

IE loosing to Chrome, FireFox, and Safari

Netapplications just updated its browser market share data to include the October 2009 data. The published data shows that IE is loosing ground mostly to Chrome but also to FireFox and Safari. Here is the hard data:

Month Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Chrome Opera Netscape Other
December, 2008 70.50% 21.69% 3.41% 1.40% 2.17% 0.42% 0.41%
January, 2009 69.72% 22.11% 3.62% 1.52% 2.23% 0.43% 0.37%
February, 2009 69.23% 22.58% 3.47% 1.54% 2.19% 0.62% 0.37%
March, 2009 68.46% 23.30% 3.63% 1.62% 2.12% 0.50% 0.37%
April, 2009 67.77% 23.84% 3.53% 1.79% 2.04% 0.64% 0.39%
May, 2009 68.10% 22.75% 3.70% 2.18% 2.06% 0.81% 0.40%
June, 2009 68.32% 22.43% 3.79% 2.40% 2.03% 0.60% 0.42%
July, 2009 67.68% 22.47% 4.07% 2.59% 1.97% 0.67% 0.55%
August, 2009 66.97% 22.98% 4.07% 2.84% 2.04% 0.49% 0.61%
September, 2009 65.71% 23.75% 4.24% 3.17% 2.19% 0.35% 0.59%
October, 2009 64.64% 24.07% 4.42% 3.58% 2.17% 0.33% 0.79%

New e-book reader by Creative

Creative has revealed a prototype of a new e-book reader. Read more here and here.

Web addresses to include non-latin characters

ICANN finally approved the long anticipated support for non-latin languages as web addresses. Read more here.

How to install support for Flash and other multimedia on Ubuntu

This guy has a neat tutorial for installing support for Flash and other multimedia on Ubuntu. Give it a try.


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