Call for contribution to the “2020 FLOSS roadmap”

The 2020 FLOSS roadmap v1 is a document that was collectively elaborated by 31 experts and contributors and published last December. It contains a set of predictions on how the free / libre / open source software ecosystem could evolve over the next ten years, a set of recommendations for public and private bodies on how to encourage its growth and leverage the benefits it can provide to the economy, and a set of in-depth studies on topics such as public policies, technological innovation, uses and employment.

In order to prepare the second edition of the roadmap, which will be published this fall, a call for comments and contributions has been sent on the website. A collaborative text annotation and commenting system has been set up in order to make it easy to everyone to make a contribution to the roadmap.

The roadmap is licensed under Creative Commons (BY-SA).

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3 Responses

  1. So glad I happened upon your blog here. I have learned so much already.

  2. As a novice in this field, I am very fortunate to have come across your site.

  3. Wonderful site with insightful articles. I will make use of most of this information.

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