Why Nokia 3G netbook is cool

Nokia recently announced the release of a premium netbook which costs a lot more than the ordinary ones. It is supposed to hit the shleves this week at least in Europe. The main question is: does the premium features of the laptop justify its high price tag? If you want my short answer, I must say YES, it indeed does. Wanna know why? let’s have a look. Here is a list of the features of the Nokia laptop:


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum slim body with super chassis construction
  • Dimensions: 264 x 185 (with hinge) x 19.9 mm
  • Weight: 1250 g

Memory and hard drive

  • RAM: 1 GB DDR2
  • Hard drive: 120 GB


  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Built-in 3G modem (data calls only): WCDMA 900/2100 or 800-850/900/2100

Audio and video

  • 1.3 megapixel FF camera
  • HDMI port for HD video out
  • Built-in stereo speakers, and microphone
  • Analog audio output / headphone out (with OMTP headsets also functions as audio-in)

CPU and chipset

  • Intel® Atom™ Z530, 1.6 GHz
  • Intel® Poulsbo US15W

Display and keyboard

  • 10.1″, 1280 x 720 pixel display
  • Glass window
  • Frame keyboard


  • 56.8 Wh (claimed to last 12 hours)

I/O ports and slots

  • HDMI 1.2 out for HD video
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • 3.5 mm headphone out (OMTP: with OMTP headsets also functions as audio in)
  • DC-in
  • SD card reader
  • SIM / USIM slot


  • Integrated GPS and A-GPS
  • Ovi Maps application


  • Accelerometer (motion sensor)

Here are two relevant videos that can give some idea of how it look like:

So what is so special about this little guy which makes it worth several hundred bucks more than the normal ones. In the above feature list, I have made those little differences bold. First of all and most importantly, Nokia 3G laptop comes with a 3G modem. To me, that not only means much better access to internet but also a lot cheaper access. In Holland, you should be able to get an unlimited 3G access to the internet for 10€/month and that is a lot cheaper (but of course slower) than access to Wifi networks. It just sounds more practical to me to buy a 3G internet plan and be always online.

Next to the 3G modem, you will get a really really slim and well designed aluminum body which is only comparable to Apple Macbooks, if you ask me. That makes the device even more mobile, easier to use, and eye candy. And let’s not forget about the much better quality you get from the higher resolution screen. The screen resolution is the best that I have seen in the netbook category so far.

It is not yet over. For your bucks, you also get an impressive mind blowing 12 hours (claimed) battery life, which makes the gadget even better and more practical to carry around. You can practically deduct the weight of the charger from the total weight that you will be carrying around, and believe me that makes a big difference. So, the weight of the Nokia 3G netbook must be considered at least half a pound less than the normal package of netbook plus charger. That is one more big plus.

Not yet satisfied? How about GPS, accelerometer, and Bluetooth? Come on guy! that is gotta convince you that this gadget is really worth the price. OK! you may not like Windows 7, but I guess you can always replace it with a Linux distro.

I think Nokia 3G may actually sell really really well.   Are you going to get yours? let me know what you think about Nokia 3G.

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