How to find a PhD, Postdoc, or another university job?

I am currently struggling to find a new job for after my PhD and have been compiling a list of the websites where you can find all sorts of academic jobs including MSc studentship, scholarships, PhD vacancies, Postdocs, Lectureship and Professorship and other sorts of academic jobs. I decided to share my compiled lists of websites in case somebody else is looking for a university job too. This post may be followed by a few other posts following on his topics.

General websites
Chronicle jobs from The Chronicle of Higher Education:
Academic jobs:
Science jobs from New Scientist magazine:
Science jobs and vacancies from Nature magazine:
Science careers from the journal Science:
Academic jobs:
PhD positions:
Postdoc positions:
Masters positions:
Academic careers from Inside Higher Ed:
University jobs:
Jobs in Higher education:
Academic careers:
Higher education jobs:
Higher education jobs:
The academic position network:
Post-doctoral positions:
Part-time and full-time academic jobs:
Higher education jobs from academic keys:
Academic employment network:

Subject-specific websites
Jobs for academic physicians and Scientists:
ob board of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME):
Psychology-related jobs from Association for Phsychological Science:
Mathematics jobs from American Mathematical Society:
Careers from The Mathematical Association of America:
Job listings from American Statistical Association:
Physics jobs:
Job board of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM):

Country- or region-specific websites
Academic jobs in UK:
Academic jobs in the Netherlands:
Academic jobs in Europe:
Academic jobs in Australia:
Academic jobs in New Zeland:
Academic jobs in Switzerland:


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